Facilities & Rates

Our facilities are extensive, providing a great variety of lodging options for our visitors. Whether you want to to have a camping experience with the children or grandkids, or a family get-together in one or more of our spacious, fully equipped lodges, we will do our best to accommodate you, and we think you will find our rates quite reasonable. Occupancy for all the facilities begins at noon on the day of arrival and ends at noon on the day of departure; thus, one lodging day is computed from noon one day to noon the next day. In addition, there is an occupancy tax of 6% added to the total cost of the stay.

Lodges. If you want to stay in one of our spacious fully equipped lodges, we have a simple formula: $50 per adult person per night, with a $150 minimum per person. Children from 12 to 18 are half price. Children under 12 stay for free. For large groups, “Whole Lodge” rates are available based upon the number of beds available in each Lodge and total safe occupancy of the Lodge.

Whole Lodge rates:

  • Lodge #1-Cedar Peaks $450/day, 2 day minimum
  • Lodge #2-Hilltop $350/day, 2 day minimum
  • Lodge #5-Guest House. $300/day, 2 day minimum
  • Lodge #6-The Cedars. $500/day, 2 day minimum

Gun Room Suite. The Gun Room Suite and Library office are ideal lodging accommodations for two-three people. At the present time, it has a bathroom with a toilet and lavatory, but no shower facilities. Shower facilities are available in the pool house which is a short walking distance. It is equipped with a queen bed and a large couch, and a portable bed is available there is also a small refrigerator and a microwave oven in a small kitchenette room. The lodging rate is $50 per adult person per day ($25 per person 12-17 years old), with a $100 minimum stay.

RV Sites. There are two RV sites with 117VAC 30 & 50 Amp electrical hookups, and we can accommodate several others in a self-contained mode (i.e., no hookups). LIMITED WATERTANK REPLENISHMENT available. GREYWATER DISPOSAL available. NO BLACKWATER DISPOSAL FACILITIES

  • The rate for a RV spot with HOOKUP is $40/day, 3 day minimum, includes ONE water tank fill-up (up to 150 gallons per 3 days).
  • Rate with NO HOOKUP is $35/day, 3 day minimum. ONE water fill-up (up to 150 gallons) per 3 days for non-hookup RVs rate is $25, DEPENDING ON WATER AVAILABILITY.
  • Pickup truck mounted campers rate is $25/day. NO HOOKUPS. Water refill (up to 50 gallons per 3 days) rate is $15/50 gal fill-up

Campsites. Tent and small (under 15’) camp trailers will be accommodated in “Camping Green” between Lodges 3 & 4, and behind the Pool House and adjacent to Lodge 6. Between 12 and 15 campsites are available for tents and camp trailers. Lavatories and bathing are available in The Pool House, Lodge #3, and Lodge #4.

Campfires are allowed only in designated fire pits and at times allowed by local fire authorities. All camping paraphernalia must be provided by the campers.

  • Tent camper rates are $5 per tent, plus $5 per person/day, $15/day minimum
  • Camp trailers rates are $10 per trailer, plus $5 per person/day, $20/day minimum

In addition, there are 3 sites in forested areas remote from the central complex, with limited access (walk-in or ATV access) for more “primitive” camping. No latrine or washroom facilities are available on these sites. Open campfires will not normally be permitted. Hunting wildlife and harvesting vegetation are not permitted without express permission of the Manager and then only with proof of proper hunting licenses and approved equipment.

  • Rates for use of remote “primitive” sites will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Pets. Our FairHaven Ranch Facilities are dog and horse friendly. Dogs may be kept in fenced yards and gated decks and porches by day, and in owner provided crates in kitchens of Lodges by night. When walking dogs on the property, they must be on a leash. A kennel facility is available also. Horses may be kept in horse corrals and pastures or in barn stalls. Owners are responsible for all care, including feed and safety of their animals, and for any damages to ranch facilities. Nearest veterinary services are located in Princeton or Bluefield.

  • Pet rates are negotiable on a case-by-case basis, considering animal species, breed, size and temperament, ranging from daily rates of $5 per dog and $25 per horse. Damage deposits range from $25 for dogs to $100 for horses.

Other Facility Use Rates. Our extensive and beautiful facilities at FairHaven Ranch can be made available for special events such as meetings and conferences, large groups, family reunions, etc. Picnics and other “day use” events can be accommodated, including parking of ATV trailers for day use riders. Long term storage of ATVs can be arranged, as well as storage of trailers and RVs.

  • Special Event and Facilities Use Rates will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

*All rates are exclusive of local and state taxes. A 6% OCCUPANCY TAX must be added to all rates above.