House Rules

Lodging & Camping on Burke Mountain in Keystone, West Virginia

Fair Haven Ranch Lodges is proud to be a premier vacation and camping destination on Burke Mountain in Keystone, West Virginia. We are surrounded by stunning mountains, idyllic countryside scenery, and plenty of opportunities to have fun in nature. Adventurous vacationers, low-key travelers, and families alike are able to find nearby activities to fit their ideal itinerary when they stay with us. We offer a wide variety of lodging options for travelers that can suit any type of getaway you have in mind. From campsites and room rentals to whole-house rentals, our accommodations are excellent for groups of all sizes. We simply ask that you respect the Environment and Facilities, and exercise courtesy and common sense when visiting.

General Rules

  • Exercise common courtesies and politeness in use of language and behavior towards one another
  • Deposit trash in trash cans, cigarette butts in receptacles. Don’t litter!
  • Don’t discharge firearms or fireworks on the premises without express permission from manager
  • Observe fire safety precautions, including times and conditions for open fires
  • Smoking is not allowed in any Lodge or building on the premises.
  • Separating metal and plastic from trash for recycling is strongly encouraged. Glass containers should be disposed of with trash

Guests in Lodges

Fair Haven Ranch Lodges are equipped with everything you need to rest comfortably during your trip. Throughout your stay, please follow the house rules below, so everybody who visits our facilities can enjoy a fun and relaxing stay.

  • Linens and bedding is provided for all beds in all lodges, and beds will be made by Ranch staff for guests prior to arrival. Thereafter, and for the duration of the stay, guests are responsible for making their own beds. Upon departure we ask that guests strip the beds and leave the linens and towels on the beds for staff to remove for laundering.
  • Please be conscious of water usage (showers, cleaning, etc.) as water is precious on the mountain.
  • Please keep the houses clean, using cleaning supplies provided, wash dishes, deposit trash in trash containers, remove muddy clothing and boots before entering Lodges.
  • Keep food containers closed, trash inside the gated porches or in the kitchen at night or when away from the Lodges, and keep gates closed to prevent unwelcome visitors (pests, animals, etc.).
  • Any pets should be kept in owner-provided crates on gated decks/porches or in the kitchen area at night, and in fenced yards or gated decks/porches during the day. Stalls in the two horse barns may also be used, and there is a fenced kennel on the lower level of the ranch complex. Please do not allow pets to roam freely in the lodges  and keep them off couches and beds.

Campers and visitors using the facilities during unusual weather conditions– such as heavy rain, hail and thunderstorms, May seek shelter in the pool house or other covered areas. Should unusual weather persist into the night time indoor camping facilities can be made available temporarily until the conditions return to normal.

Pets brought by campers must be kept in crates or on a leash at all times. Fenced kennels are available on request for $5/day. Owners are responsible for all pet care and cleanup.